Cavalier Animation & Media

The booming animation and visual effects industry is reason enough for marking hotshot careers in this sector a viable reality. The stepping stone to success in this area would, undoubtedly, be the kind of education a student gets. This is where Cavalier Animation comes in – Filling the industry demand through accredited industry-requisite, career-oriented programme. Cavalier Animation has been started by a team of animators and directors. Its main focus is to develop high quality animation film making training in India. Over the years of research the team was responsible for developing and building one of the best animation training brands in India.

Cavalier Animations is also equipped with a hitech in which the students can shape their projects in, Maya, Web designing Graphic Designing and, are all certified instructors and have a solid experience in the field of multimedia, which in turn will impact the students to gain more knowledge and exposure with industry standard techniques. The founders of this training studio itself have national and international exposure in the related fields. Our team includes Print graphics experts, Web solution specialists, 2D & 3D animators, video editing and special effects professionals.

Cavalier Animation and Media

Cavalier Animation and Media (BBA in Animation)

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