Institutional Promotion

Jdglobal is a full-service education industry consultant that offers an effective market operation to the educational institutes. We specialize in education sales management, higher education marketing, and education business development including market research.

From developing marketing plans to meeting those goals, we have been helping educational institutes to expand their brand through strategic planning and intelligent prosecution.  We understand their demands, be it a scientific research, assistance in a delineation of marketing strategies, or direct sales. Our vast experience in the field allows us to first understand then put our knowledge and expertise to work for educational institutes.

In the past few years, we have assisted the educational institutes monitoring over telemarketing, strategic market planning, digital marketing, and creating a wide platform for brand awareness. Our regulations have expanded its forms which enable us to offer you high standard strategy in monitoring quality services, advertising, and developing education business system. We are in contact with numerous education institutes to help you in exploring new sales channels, making new strategic business plans, or just getting to know the market in a better way.

If you are an educational institute looking out for a company with experience, resources and wide network that will uphold your recognition, look no further than us because at Jdglobal we take your institution as seriously as you do.

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