Local Guardian Services


When a child goes abroad to study, a parent is worried about the well being of the child, the safety of the child. But when your child is sent to India via JD Global, there is no need to worry. We provide a guardianship service to the child to monitor the student’s progress and well being.

  • We arrange for pick up at the airport if necessary
  • We arrange for a city orientation to familiarize students
  • One night accommodation is provided at our quarter, if necessary
  • Assistance in finding new accommodation/ hostel
  • Arrange for the basic need – mobile SIM card, bank account opening, etc.
  • During the holidays, we arrange for the best low fare air ticket to travel
  • Assistance to communicate with the teachers relating to any issues
  • Constant or frequent communication with the students
  • 24/7 Emergency hotline and Emergency assistance available. We reach your child within 4 hours of the incident
  • We provide regular updates to the parents regarding the academic performance, exam results, attendance, review of the student by the faculty or any other general feedback
  • Assistance to contact between parents, college and students if necessary
  • Assistance/ arrangement for parents to visit their child or the college. For Instance, airport commute, accommodation, college visit


The local guardian service is available only in India currently. The annual charge for this service is Rs. 10,000/- (INR).

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