Scientific Career Assessment

Choosing the right career guidance to choose the right career can be very rewarding and can create a long lasting effect in one’s life. The professional life of a student depends on the career choice and the course choice made by them during the transition years of their life. Career guidance in this transitioning phase is very important because it helps students to make the decision with ease after attaining full information about oneself.

With a huge number of course options in front of them, students are often in crossroads as to making the right decision for their future. Thus, we have come up with a scientific career assessment test called MapMyTalent to guide students choose what’s best suited for them. MapMyTalent provides scientific career counseling based on its proprietary Online Aptitude test which is available online.

The MapMyTalent test for students primarily assesses a person across seven different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern in the student.  The responses submitted by each students in the Test are then analyzed by the experts at MapMyTalent after which the student is presented with two recommendation reports (one a Detailed Report and another a Summary Report).

Through MapMyTalent, we offer students in the age bracket of 14 to 24 years valuable career guidance and assistance. The career guidance is based on a scientifically developed and simple career test which helps in analyzing the aptitude, personality and interests of the student. Based on the career assessment, the students are provided career guidance to help them make the right academic and career decisions. They also get information on different career options available to them which help them in a proper through-and-through career planning.

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