Who We Are

We are a destination before your journey to your future!

Founded in 2011, we are an Education consulting firm having our roots in Nepal and India. We have built up as a team who genuinely care about helping you to follow your dreams. We have assisted thousands of students pursue their desire to choose the right courses/career and vocation based on their inherent talents.

Having the most satisfactory clientele by offering seats to students across all Universities around the globe, we have a strong base and have assisted thousands of students willing to study in India, Australia, U.S., Philippines and Bangladesh. We also entertain students who want to study elsewhere with the queries regarding their course/country of interest.

We have provided our consulting services to more than 12000 students in five years of time, which is why we are a trusted source of information for students. We take pride in being friendly, honest and responsive. We take time for each student, and make sure that we respond to each of your questions and answer them to your understanding.

We are a destination before your journey to your future!

Message from the C.E.O

Diwesh Bothra

The world is becoming a global village. There are no borders in opportunities and we are open to a billion options before making any decision. Personal development is the conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.

We, at JD Global believe in your development by providing to you a wide range of options in the education field. We offer you a wide option of Universities and Courses across the globe. While selecting a career option, it is important for students to discover their potential, aptitude and interest and select the right course accordingly. Unfortunately, not many students are able to do that. Keeping this in mind, we provide a platform of career counseling to help them choose the career path most suited to them scientifically and through our personal expertise in this field. We aim at helping students who are unable to physically reach the institutes, overcome all the barriers and take an informed decision in clear, systematic, organized and authentic manner.

I would try my level best to serve you through my expertise and knowledge in this field.

Our Location

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